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Waltz at Maxim's

Frederick Loewe23 Aug 2013

Waltz at Maxim's Lyrics

Waltz at Maxim's - Frederick Loewe

She's so gay tonight


She's like spring tonight

She's a rollicking frollicking thing tonight

So disarming soft and charming

She is not thinking of me


No she's not thinking of me


In her eyes tonight

There's a glow tonight

They're so bright they could light

Fountainbleu tonight

She's so gracious

So vivacious


She is not thinking of me


Bless her little heart


Crooked to the core


Acting out a part


What a rollicking frollicking bore


She's such fun tonight

She's a treat tonight

You could spread her on bread

She's so sweet tonight

So devoted


Sugar coated

That it's heart warming to see


Oh she's simmering with love

Oh she's shimmering with love

Oh she's not thinking of me


She is not thinking of me


Someone has set her on fire


Is it Jacques is it Paul or Leon


Who's turning her furnace up higher


Oh she's hot but it's not for Gaston


Oh she's gay tonight

Oh so gay tonight

A gigantic romantic cliche tonight


How she blushes

How she gushes

How she fills me with ennui


She's so ooh la la la la

So untrue la la la la


Oh she's not thinking of me