Listen to Mr. Tugboat Hello (Album Version) song with lyrics from Sophie B. Hawkins

Mr. Tugboat Hello (Album Version)

Sophie B. Hawkins21 Jul 1994

Mr. Tugboat Hello (Album Version) Lyrics



Mr. Tugboat Hello (Album Version) - Sophie B. Hawkins

You won't be strong


For me I'm sure


How could I have lost my heart


To one so insecure



Hard to resist


But for whom


I exist


Love I give my eyes to read your signs

No compromise your faith is mine

I don't despise the endless time

It takes to realize that I

Am just a fool


Though you were cruel


To show me paradise so soon


I don't know why

I hardly care


Happy disillusions fade

When passion's in the air


Fire water and salt


Madness inspired


Let it remain my fault


Hate me for a while I saw you cheat

It's not my style to break the heat

Murder is vile and death is sweet


I have to smile at my defeat


Yes I'm insane

Though just the same

You must have recognized my name


Mr. Tugboat hello


Ocean liner

Finer day no ma'am


Oooh and I have no plans


Just to do as I please


Back to the breeze


Sailing around my island


Everybody's outside


Love has arrived


I wanna be your friend


Living it up together baby


Give me up I'll

Drive you crazy


Can't find me baby

So climb

The story's true

I can't deny

First thing I was born to see

Was mama cry


Raspberries and wine


Boxing gloves


Train stations and valentines


Paris I'm in debt I can't come home

My lips are wet I hate the phone

J'ai un regrette et mes chansons

I bumped my head while you were gone


You thought for you


As though for two


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