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Darkwing Duck Theme

Various Artists1 Jan 2013

Darkwing Duck Theme Lyrics

Darkwing Duck Theme - Various Artists

Written by:Steve Nelson

Daring duck of mystery

Champion of right


Swoops down from the shadows

Darkwing owns the night


Somewhere some villain schemes

But his number's up

Three two one

Darkwing duck


When there's trouble you call dw

Darkwing duck let's get dangerous


Darkwing duck


Darkwing darkwing duck

A cloud of smoke and he appears

The master of surprise


Who's that cunning mind behind

The shadowy disguise


Nobody knows for sure

Bad guys are outta luck

'Cause here comes

Darkwing duck look out

When there's trouble you call dw

Darkwing duck


Let's get dangerous


Darkwing duck


Better watch out you bad boys


Darkwing duck


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