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True's World (Explicit)

MadeinTYO25 Aug 2017

True's World (Explicit) Lyrics

True's World - MadeinTYO

I love the private club

Private club

B***h I'm first

True's world

Yo sittin' in the studio

Whole bunch of bands out


XXL chose a real n***a

Can't let my fans down

Thick lil bih sheesh tryna pull my pants down


Momma still help out

Even though I'm the man now

I'm the man now

Still got problems at home even though I've got grands now

I've got grands now

True tryna crawl can't wait 'til he stand now


Wake up right then I get it

If you talkin money then I'm with it racks

She bitin' on my neck when I hit it

Send her to gwinnett when I finish wait

I used to be a broke lil n***a

Couldn't wait 'til I got a lil bigger

I got a lil bigger

I used to be a low head n***a

I was on my yay s**t n***a

Now we in day shifts n***a

Spend bands on the waitress n***a

It is

I know they probably hate this nig'

'Cause yo' b***h wanna date this n***a

Yeah yeah

I just been shopping for Chris

'Cause they found out where I live

Yeah yeah

Me and Distortedd we good

We just went half on a kid

Yeah yeah

Come to the family I rep

Boy I ain't missin' a step

Skart skart

I just booled out on the w**d

Doctor say that's what I need


I don't got room in my closet

I'm 'bout to make a deposit


I take a flight outta hobby

I'm 'bout to land in a rita yeah yeah

I'm 'bout to stay in Shibuya

I'm 'bout to do the two seater

Yeah yeah

I wasn't good in school

I was a terrible reader

Yeah yeah

Then momma didn't have it this month

I catch you slippin' at lunch

Yeah yeah

Me and my bro in the school

You n***as never was cool

Now I'm in the boss at the label

Make sure my young n***as stable

My young n***as stable

When I say true y'all say world


True true true yeah true

True true true yeah true

True true true yeah true

It's private club you dig