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Insane in the Brain

Cypress Hill6 Aug 2014

Insane in the Brain Lyrics

Who you tryin' ta mess with ese

Don't you know I'm loco


To da one on da flam

Boy it's tough

I just toss that ham in the fryin' pan

Like spam

It's done when I come in

Damn I feel like the Son of Sam

Don't make me wrek ya hectic

Automatic got me goin' like Gen'ral Electric

The lights are blinking I'm thinking

It's all over when I go out drinking


Makin' my mind slow

That's why I don't f**k wit da big four-oh

I got ta' maintain

`Cuz a ni**a like me is goin' insane

Insane in da membrane

Insane in da brain


Do my sh*t undercover

Now it's time for for the blubber


To watch dat belly get fatter

Fat boy on a diet

Don't try it

I'll check your a** like a looter in a riot

Much too fast like a sumo slammin' dat a**

Leavin' your face in the grass

You know

I don't take a chulo


B**ch just jealous `cuz he can't outwrite me

So kick that style wicked


Happy face ni**a never seen me smile

Whip dat mainframe

I'll explain

A ni**a like me is goin' insane

Insane in da membran

Insane in da brain


Like Louie Armstrong

Play the trumpet I'll hit dat bong

And break ya off somethin' soon

I got ta get my props


Come and try ta' snatch my crops

These pigs wanna blow my house down

Head underground

To the next town

They get mad when they come to raid my pad

And I'm off in the night blue scad

Yes I'm the pirate

Of this ship if I get wit' the ultraviolet dream


Hide from the red light beam

Now do you believe in the unseen


But don't make ya' eyes strain

A ni**a like me is goin' insane


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