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Holdin' Out

The Lumineers16 Sep 2016

Holdin' Out Lyrics

Holdin' Out - The Lumineers

Saying to myself

Saying for the neighbor

Holding on for work


Holding on the paper

I was on the life


You were only fading

I was on my own

Stairing at the sailing


Holdin' out


Really on the map


Never how I planed

Holdin' on for work


Taking if for granted

I was looking up


I was being blinded

Holdin' on for work


Hoping let us find it


I was looking up


Holdin' on the patients

Counting up the day


There's I'll been waiting

You can take your tie


I wait on the fore

Keeping on the line

You can say it if you look for


I would lie you way keep the night


Open let one lie out the right


I am waiting oh my life


I was hope


Only you


I was hope


Waiting through



Every more