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Our Little Rendezvous

Chuck Berry1 Nov 1964

Our Little Rendezvous Lyrics


Our Little Rendezvous - Chuck Berry (查克·贝里)

Hello little Suzie hello little Suzie

Can I walk home with can I walk home with you


To see will your mother and your father

Let us have a rendezvous

'Cause I want you to be my be my little loved one

I will be true to you to you my love in every way

And in our little rendezvous we'll have

A beautiful wedding day


Then I'll build a spaceship with a heavy payload

We'll go 'bip-bip-bip' way out in the wide open blue

Where we can love one another

In our little rendezvous

We'll take a basket a short wave radio

A-tunin' on the record shows all over the whole wide world

And in our little rendezvous there'll be

A happy boy and girl


We'll kiss the moon my love go around the world

We'll send a signal back to mom and dad from me and you

Tell them they'll soon have a grandson

In our little rendezvous

Bip-bip-bip bip-bip-bip

Bip-bip bip-bip


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