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The Great Outdoors

George Wilkins1 Jan 2013

The Great Outdoors Lyrics

The Great Outdoors (夏日奸兵) - George Wilkins

Written by:Wilkins

All right one two three


If you've just been wishin' 'bout goin' fishin'

And you're still on the shore


Grab your campin' gear and meet us right here

We got all kinds of fun in store


It's time for a vacation


For some rest and relaxation

Forget your cares and join us bears in the great outdoors


Ain't nothin' like the great outdoors to ease your soul


Ain't nothin' like the great outdoors to keep you from growin' old


If your mind's been hazy

And you're feelin' lazy and down on all fours


Then join us bears

And suck up some air in the great outdoors


Welcome to the country bear jamboree vacation hoedown


Got on my old camp t shirt still fits kinda and

I'm rarin' to go how about you boys

Just lead the way Henry

All right



Wake up



The way you're always hibernatin' you must be part bear

Aw heck I'm only part moose as it is

Here we go


Us bears we do love nature and trampin' through the woods


Us bears we do love fishin' every hour if we could

Us bears we do love singin' in country harmony


And if y'all won't join us we'll chase you up a tree


Now that's real country boys


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