Listen to Back O' Town Blues song with lyrics from Louis Armstrong

Back O' Town Blues

Louis Armstrong, Oscar Peterson23 May 2011

Back O' Town Blues Lyrics

Back O' Town Blues (离家蓝调) - Louis Armstrong (路易斯·阿姆斯特朗)/Oscar Peterson

I had a woman


Livin' way back o' town


Yeah she treated me right


Never let me down


But I wasn't satisfied


I had to run around


Now she's gone and left me


I'm worried as can be


Oh I've searched this world all over


Wonderin' where she could be


I would ask that she forgive me


And maybe she'll come back to me


I'm lonesome an blue


And I've learned a thing or two


Oh fellas here's a tip


I'm gonna pass on down to you


Never mistreat your woman



Cause it's gonna bounce right back on you