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Talkin' All That Jazz

Stetsasonic17 Jan 2014

Talkin' All That Jazz Lyrics

Talkin' All That Jazz - Stetsasonic

Well here's how it started

Heard you on the radio talkin' 'bout rap

Sayin' all that crap about how we sample

Given examples

Think we'll let you get away with that

You critizie our method of how we make records

You said it wasn't art so now we're gonna rip you apart

Stop check it out my man

This is the music of a hip hop band

Jazz well you can call it that

But this jazz retains a new format

Point where you misjudged us speculated created a fuss

You've made the same mistake politicians have


Talkin' all that jazz


Talk well I heard talk is cheap

But like beauty talk is just skin deep

And when you lie and you talk a lot

People tell you to step off a lot

You see you misunderstood a sample is a tactic

A portion of my method a tool

In fact it's only of importance when I make it a priority

And what we sample of is the majority

But you are a minority in terms of thought

Narrow minded and poorly taught

About hip hop playin' all the silly games

You erase my music so no one can use it

Step on us and we'll step on you

Can't have your cake and eat it too

Talkin' all that jazz


Lies that's when you hide the truth

It's when you talk more jazz than proof

And when you lie and address something you don't know

It's so whack that it's bound to show

When you lie about me and the band we get angry

We'll bite our pen start writin' again

And the things we write are always true

Suckers get a grip now we talkin' 'bout you

Seems to me that you have a problem

So we can see what we can do to solve them

Think rap is a fad You must be mad

'Cause we're so bad we get respect you never had

Tell the truth James Brown was old

'Til Eric and Rakim came out with 'I Got Soul'

Rap brings back old R 'n' B

And if we would not people could've forgot


We wanna make this perfectly clear

We're talented and strong and have no fear

Of those who choose to judge but lack pizazz

Talkin' all that jazz


Now we're not tryin' to be a boss to you


We just wanna get across to you

That if you're talkin' jazz the situation is a no win

You might even get hurt my friend


Stetsasonic the hip hop band

Like Sly and the Family Stone we will stand

Up for the music we live and play

And for the song we sing today

For now let us set the record straight

And later on we'll have an informal and a formal debate

But it's important you remember though

What you reap is what you sew

Talkin' all that jazz


Talkin' all that jazz


Talkin' all that jazz


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