Listen to Track07 (Georgia Anne Muldrow Version) (Explicit) song with lyrics from Denzel Curry

Track07 (Georgia Anne Muldrow Version) (Explicit)

Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats, Arlo Parks5 Mar 2021

Track07 (Georgia Anne Muldrow Version) (Explicit) Lyrics

Song:Track07 (Georgia Anne Muldrow Version) (Explicit)

Artist: Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats Featuring Arlo Parks

Lyrics:Denzel Curry, Kenny Beats & Arlo Parks

Composed:Georgia Anne Muldrow


Mic check, one-two, one-two


I don't write rhymes, nigga, I write checks



Now lemme turn this to the judge and thrown the book out

Then skew it on the barbie like a motherfuckin' cookout



Chef mad flavors

Bitches suck the energy, it's like a lifesaver

Shave it...



My third eye's open, I feel absolutely free

Violence in touch with my own inner energy

I'ma get loose like a barbed-wire fence

It's the significant, never frivolous, mister

It's the...

Don't compute then I gots to reroute ya

I feel unblocked, vulnerable but brave

My soul displaced from a desperate space

I brace my arms for the blow, I know

The truth comes through lips from broken faces, potentials erased Lacerated, evaded

But now we've embraced it, we've finally made it


Swear to God

Naw, I'm like they ghetto

My dog, my dog talking 'bout, uh

You ain't get another nut

You talking all this mad shit, soon as you see, you freeze up


Like, shit