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Under The Sun

Dreamville, J. Cole, Lute, DaBaby5 Jul 2019

Under The Sun Lyrics

作曲 : Jermaine Cole/Luther Nicholson/Jonathan Kirk/John Welch/Asheton Hogan/Peter Mudge

作词 : Jermaine Cole/Luther Nicholson/Jonathan Kirk/John Welch/Asheton Hogan/Peter Mudge

If you miss me

And you can't find

Need no help

I done seen it all, my God


I done seen it all, my God, I swear

Uh, uh

Nothing new under the sun, nobody ****ing with son

I got a couple of sons, a couple of guns

A couple of n***as that bust up the party and **** up the fun

She digging me and I’m cuffing her friend

She ig'-ing you while we ****ing for fun

I got her suckin' her thumb, that’s my lil' baby

She call me daddy like grandmama baby

If this Sunday dinner, my hand on her gravy

I been on the craziest wave, if I'm on the stage

An M is my minimum wage

This ain't no kennel, behave

N***as is with all that barking, we send 'em a stray

So in a way we the dogcatchers

How many bullets your dawg catchin'?

Sawed-off, raw dog fashion

Hauled off, hope God catch him, damn

I woke up for some money, ayy, lil' b***h

Too many opps in here, tell me who you with, ayy

Potato over my gun

I move in silence 'cause n***as be clocking my funds

When they should keep eye on they b***h

’Cause baby girl coming with son

N***as be judging my moves,

But please tell me, what have you done?

My cousin might air out the party for fun

Pistol grips get to squeezing

Wish a n***a would like Liam Neeson

I don’t even need a reason, loyalty over treason

B***h n***a, come and see me

Put some respect on my name

What side of my city I claim

I try to stay in my lane

Took my advance and put a cold piece on them thangs

I'm 84 ’til the wheels fall

Know some n***as probably pissed off

Who would thought I made it this far?

Gold mouth, b***h, **** 'em all

I woke up for some money, ayy, lil' b***h

Too many opps in here, tell me who you with

I just put diamonds on all of my teeth,

Now they probably think I ain't intelligent

In the homicide unit interrogation,

Asking questions, you know I ain’t tell 'em s**t

B*****s call me a jock, all-American

I'm at the top of my class with my letterman

I remember back in college, b*****s knocking on my dorm door

I ain't never let 'em in

Now you know that that's cap, know I hit a few

Ain't no job, I'm selling gas like I'm Jiffy Lube

I had a freak, used to **** while her boyfriend in class

I hit her from the back from like 10 to 2

No back and forth with these rappers

They mention me, dissin' me

No talkin' back, I won't mention you

Watch, when I come put that iron on your ass and I dip

They gon' want me to snitch in my interviews

I'm on fire, b***h, I'm lit, but I'm really cool

Don't acknowledge the shrimps when they ridicule

They don't come out after dark, b***h, I swim with the sharks

You ain't got enough heart, get a bigger pool

Wanna fight but he bigger, I ain't really trippin'

I reach under my shirt, grab a bigger tool

I got a Glock with a d**k, let's get physical

They gon' be hollerin' out, "Rip," and they missin' you

They got me started, I might as well finish (Talk your s**t, n***a)

I'm from Ch****tte, you know how these n***as do


I woke up for some money, ayy, lil' b***h

Too many opps in here, tell me who you with



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