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Call You (Explicit)

Kodak Black14 Feb 2018

Call You (Explicit) Lyrics

Call You (Explicit) - Kodak Black

Ayy Ben I always call you when I need a hit man


I call you when I need to roll one


I call you when I need to roll one


You call me when you need to hold something


You only call me when you need a loan

And I'm only talkin' murder on my other phone


She be right here like she posted


And I'm havin' ruffles on my shoulder

You know I love to shine so my gun plated gold

You havin your high got me on my tippy toes

I'm already zombie I ain't gotta sell my soul baby

Own a mansion now my last home done got old

I be totin' pole I'm pourin' a four I'm rollin' mold

Flyin' in these niggas when these niggas be flyin' cold


And I'm takin' money with the d**e now


I promise I'm a junkie on the d**e now


Takin' Molly got me takin' souls


Takin' Mollys f**ked me up I know

I know I'm a zombie on Earth I'm a Zoe

And I'm bringin' hell on Earth for these hoes


Put my heaven on Earth for my whole baby


I love my old girl I love my old lady

Lookin' in my rear view I ain't paranoid I'm on point

In the club with twenty of my niggas but I'm on one


She said Kodak is you flyer than my n***a uh huh

Police asked if I know what happened to that n***a uh uh

They like Really it ain't none of your goddamn business noneya

You niggas got the same drip I'm drippin' custom


Kill a n***a broad daylight just for custom


Kill a n***a right in public 'bout my brothers

I don't play no games you could miss me with the fun


'Cause I got a AR-15 in the trunk


Lil' n***a but I beat it like I'm puntin'


I parked the Wraith then I pulled up in a Dawn

Sniper Gang Taliban I'm a dog yeah


Remember hittin' stores hidin' in a dungeon yeah

Jump out with my orange ski mask like I'm pumpkin

I run out on you faggot ass niggas y'all be punkin'

Even though I'm little I be makin' big boy moves

They know that I'm little so I got a lot to prove


I done transformed from that n***a to that Woo


Talkin' 'bout me I'm gon' need you on the news


Talkin' 'bout that I'm 'gon need you on a T-shirt


That money talk you niggas teeth hurt


I'm gon' need you on a T-shirt yeah

Molly pink on it yuh

My momma call Bill I kill to pay the bills I swear

My momma named me Jason see me in your sleep nightmare

My family called me God's son 'cause I'm gon' need bloodshed


Yuh I'm gon' need your whole head

'90s baby I ain't got no respect for the old heads


Sniper Gang most of my niggas done gone fed


I ain't Tweetin' P***y n***a I know you scared


Catch me slidin' in the decoy f**k a Maybach


She said Do you f**k with d-boy that was way back

I split yo' wig I put your top right where your tape at

I'm 'bout that gun play got a AK in the Maybach


I lost my homie to a gunman

I lost my other homie 'cause I found money


I'm SG 13 is done with



I'm jumpin' out the I got done with it