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What up!

박재범, Don Flamingo7 Jun 2019

What up! Lyrics


What Up!(Prod. By GRAY) - 박재범 (朴宰范)/Don Flamingo

Lyrics by:Jay Park/Don Flamingo

Composed by:GRAY/DAX/Jay Park

Arranged by:GRAY/DAX

Now ask around

How many mouths I keep fed

Talk is so mothaf**kin' cheap

How many promises I kept

How many tears my mom wept

Priceless to see her smile

Now she full of happiness

The hours is countless

I grind like I'm closer to death

I never rest clueless you never know know

When's your last breath

So before that day comes

We gon' get it we gon' get it

We gon' live it we gon' breathe it

We gon' eat it we gon' s**t it

We gon' kiss it like we miss it

We done did it like we destined

Finna preach it like a reverend

Finna preach it like a reverend oh lord

Speakin' it into existence

Words that benefit us all they never seem to listen

Who the realest

I'm repping AOMG H1GHR MUSIC

Seattle 2 Seoul Roc Nation Art of Movement

So it's very seldom if you see me acting stupid

Never take for granted all the people I influence

Don't wanna be a nuisance

I wanna be the truest

Don't wanna sit assuming

We ball like Patrick Ewing

It's good vibes only

The savior has come so of course they try to stone me

What's up

What's up

All my people what's up

What's up

Watch how the vocals turn me into a mogul

Penmanship to a business

To beamers Benz's and Bentley

A percentage for quotables

They selling their souls tell 'em my shit ain't affordable

There's nothing more important than morals I was told

Today I walked on water without getting soaked

Last flow probably out there at Hov's

Tapping into them higher powers

Knowledge is diabolical

Knighting through the wire like I

Devour a Mario fire flower

Sorta beyond iconic I need a title

Like Michael Jackson Tyson Jordan Oher

Better you than me on the other side of that rifle

Not the best advice but it worked for me as far as life go

Catch 22 new n***a fresh off the old era

The flow was better the gold was potent

The chain you was rocked that posed as gold close to metal

But f**k it get them tokens

Fans don't know no better

They wanna see if I got it so I be plotting

Making every move like Hov be checkin' on me like he watching

These opportunities you see me find' em like I lost it

Then you'll probably see me turn them b***hes into profit

Not just for me but for all of us

I stay anonymous and go to war like I'm Spartacus

We get it lit like party bus

I swear I've seen a few real ones turns out its only us d**n

I'm from the place where the Sonics used to be

Ask for a feature one day and next day its RIP

Where people thinking that s**t don't really be popping off

But the homies carry that thing to keep from meeting God

We not the same riding together it feels right

Root for the underdog cause I know what that feels like

I'm just here to uplift never trip over dumb s**t

AOMG H1GHR MUSIC turned nothing to something

U taking someone's life cause they took your cash

Just think u can make money but a life you can't make that back

Want that 15 minutes and more followers on Instagram

So you sell your soul not realizing that it's all a fad


Look I'm probably guilty of it too

S**t I'm human stupid mistake making's what we do

Long as I'm true to myself then I can never lose

Retire change my name to Tom and catch me on a cruise

Accomplishing impossible missions got optical vision

So sick but don't require doctoral visits

Every bar of the top is exquisite God is my witness

I get the chicken trust me I do not ever wing it

Always give it one hunnit take shots I ain't ducking

All this jiving and shucking think you're Superbad you're McLovin

Fogle mothaf**ka's backin' up when you get caught frontin’

No need to tape myself busting a nut you'll see me coming

All this smoke will Pusha T back you ain't safe

Hooked up that heart monitor get no response like Drake

Drippin' too heavy yeah call it a splash like waves

So many coward mother f**kers this the home of the brave how

You takin' children away from families

S**t's a f**kin' catastrophe

We all kings call me majesty

This ain't what I gotta be this is what I have to be

So what's up

All my people what's up

Everybody what's up

What's up


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