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It's a Sin

Eddy Arnold5 Apr 2002

It's a Sin Lyrics


It's a Sin (罪恶) - Eddy Arnold

It's a sin

My darling how I love you

Because I know

Our love can never be


It's a sin

To keep this mem'ry of you

When silence proves

That you've forgotten me


The dream I built for us has tumbled


Each promise broken like my heart

It's a sin my darling how I love you

So much in love

And yet so far apart




It's a sin

To hide behind this heartache

To make believe

That I've found someone new


It's a sin

To say that I don't miss you

When people know

I'm still in love with you


I'm sure you're happy with another


Who shares the love I couldn't win

Why pretend that

I can't live without you

When deep inside


I know that it's a sin