Listen to Dolores Dream song with lyrics from Kurt Elling

Dolores Dream

Kurt Elling1 Jan 1995

Dolores Dream Lyrics

The white electric skillet of a day

Threatened to sear us all away

Fat frying spluttering

Rank Chicago smeltering along

Smothered in heavy wooly sweat

The city knew a sad regret

For staying long in summer's heavy

No escape delirious

So I went subterraneous

Maybe I'd dream about Dolores'

Kinda' auburn hair and hazel eyes

Looking at her made chills go

Even if she wasn't even there and so I tried

Put Wayne Shorter on to hide

And slept completely mystified

Bam went a taxi cab outside

To remind me night time was dawning

Then Laurie and Guy call say

Let's go dancing and romance perchancing

Summer times are sweeter at night

The music is swinging all the night '

I put a bowl of coffee on I took a hit

What with the day time on the lamb

Jumped in my car

Uptown to scram

Popped in a great Von Freeman

Jam and the coffee hit bam

We hit a Jazz club called the Mill

Dig it My second domicile

We had a great time hanging until

I saw Dolores sweep into the room

And then my head began to swoon

I got a yen

She came right up to me and when

She spoke my sweat broke no joke

Then came on the thrills

And came on the chills

She got me to dance

I took a chance

Replying although she was kinda' shy

I stole a sweet kiss on the sly

And when Dolores sighed a sigh

You know it got me kinda' high

She hit me right between the eyes


If there's one girl i've gotta' remember it's her