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Amphetamine Annie

Canned Heat28 Oct 1987

Amphetamine Annie Lyrics

This is a song with a message

I want you to heed my warning

I wanna tell you all a story

About this chick I know

They call her Amphetamine Annie

She's always shovelling snow

I sat her down and told her

I told her crystal clear

I don't mind you getting high

But there's one thing you should fear

Your mind might think its flying baby

On those little pills

But you ought to know it's dying 'cause

Speed kills

But Annie kept on speeding

Her health was getting poor

She saw things in the window

She heard things at the door

Her mind was like a grinding mill

Her lips were cracked and sore

Her skin was turning yellow

I just couldn't take it no more

She thought her mind was flying

On those little pills

She didn't it was going down fast 'cause

Speed kills



Well I sat her down and told her

I told her one more time

The whole wide human race has taken

Far too much methedrine

She said "I don't care what a Limey says

I've got to get it on

I'm not here to just see no man

Who come from across the pond

She wouldn't heed my warning

Lord she wouldn't hear what I said

Now she's in the graveyard and she's

Awfully dead