Listen to Mr. Sandman (explicit) song with lyrics from Method Man

Mr. Sandman (explicit)

Method Man, Inspectah Deck15 Sep 2014

Mr. Sandman (explicit) Lyrics


Mr. Sandman (造梦先生) (explicit) - Method Man/Inspectah Deck

This is


Serious the craziest d-da

Day-da danger dangerous style

Lyrical shots from the glock

Bust bullet holes on the chops

I want the number one spot

With the science of a giant

New York defiant

Brutal like domestic violence

Silence of the Lambs

Occurred when I slammed in

Foes grab their chairs

To be mad as Ralph Cramden

Others come with sh*t

As silly as Art Carney

But my Tetley triplies

More kids than Barney

Nobody must stress


There's three bags of sess

A damn I rest playing chess yes

My thoughts be sneaky

Like a crook from Brooklyn

When you ain't lookin'

I take the queen with the rook then

I get vexed layin' phat trax on Ampex

Amorphous God gettin' drunk

Off a triple X

Violent time

I got more love than valentines

The violent mind

I blast with a silent nine

My hazardous thoughts

To cut the mic's life support short

Brains get stained like tablecloths

When I let off

Powerful poetry pushed point

Past the of no return

Leavin' mics with third burnsdegree

Let me at 'em

I cramp your style like a spasm

Track em through the mud

Then I bag 'em

We're screaming hardcore

Hip-hop drips out my balls

And I be raw

For four score plus seven more

I strike like a bowling ball

Holding y'all hostage

Like jail electrifying the third rail

Peep the smash

On paragraphs of ruckus



Clan ain't nuttin' ta f**k wit

Hot time summer in the city

My people represent get busy


The heat seeker

On a mission from Hell's kitchen

I gets in where

I fits in for head touchin' listen

Enemy is the industry got me flippin'

I don't give a f**k tell that b**ch

And a ni**a

I'm killin' snipin'

Catchin' murder cases

Desert stormin'


I be searchin' for Oasis

As I run a mile with a racist

Pullin' swords hit the Billboard

With a bullet

Peace to the number seven

Everybody else get the fo' nine

Three eleven


I don't know what's going on

If you can take us there

Yo watch me bang

The headpiece there's no survival

My flow lights up the block

Like a homicidal

Murder underground beef

For the burger

P L O criminal you thoughts

Never heard of

I switch the city never sleeps

Life's a b**ch

I sh*t runnin' Emmitt through

B**ches Smithlike

Caution niggaz best to

Be careful crossin'

The street before they end up

Layin' in a coffin'

Don't sleep

Niggaz tend to forget however

Peep this my ni**a


Case lives forever

What evil lurks in the heart of men

It be the shadow

Street life flowin' again

I had a plot scheme


That I knew for sure

Only one kick would

Knock the hinges off the door

The jerk tried to jet

Sabrina at his neck

Thirteen pounds


On the table plus a tec

Just when I said

"Where the f**k's the cream "

Another jerk came out the kitchen

With the M 16

He tried to cock it

Blast these shots like rockets

Crushed his collarbone

Ripped his arm out the socket


My move for the table was swift

I got my hostage

The ni**a tried to stab you God

But I dodged it

Niggaz said

"Carlton youse a ill motherf**ker"

'Cause I made

It look like they both killed

Each other


And I'm out