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Number 11

DMX1 Jan 2001

Number 11 Lyrics

Yo uhh


Ohh huh that's how it's goin down huh

You niggaz hit me like that


In the f**kin back In the f**kin back

B**ches ARF ARF


This how we do b***h niggaz f'real

I'm tryin to let you niggaz know how the f**k it's goin dizzy


When it comes to that flow (YO ) I gets busy

Dog don't care get bear like grizzly

Boom boom boom ATF who the f**k is he

Dog is the ni**a that's gon' walk through the night

Park the car twenty blocks away and walk to the fight (WHAT )

And go where the f**k I want cause New York is alright

The dog is alright if the hawk is on sight

Everything from "Get at Me Dog" to "What's My Name " (woo )

X got a rep niggaz trust my name

Ain't never been a ni**a to discuss my fame (WHAT )

F**k my fame ni**a what's my name (WHAT )

I'ma keep it real no matter what it cost me

Never one to be taken lightly or softly

Dog I don't know you please back the f**k up off me

Before I have him cause I popped you tryin to off me

So don't walk too fast or talk too much

Cause y'all niggaz is a** and you know whassup

Cause y'all niggaz'll blast and we like WHAT

And my niggaz'll blast and Y'ALL F**KED UP


I done told you niggaz to walk with me and stand

Now who's lookin at me akwardly My man

But you know who I let talk to me My fans

Take pictures shake hands cause that's my man

It'll be what it is for as long as I let it last

Sh*t niggaz put out I'd be wrong if I let it past

Think that sh*t is hot b***h just because you said it fast (WHAT )

I'm about to dead it fast you pumped off unleaded gas (c'mon )

Don't keep goin where you're goin it's a dead end

'Fore a ni**a catch you at the door tryin to get it

Key tryin to fit in fo'-pound spittin

Get what you put in (WHAT ) b******t forbidden (WHAT )

Stop talkin wreckless cause - y'all don't mean it (woo )

Y'all better respect this cause - y'all don't seen it (woo )

Y'all better check this cause I'm gon' bring it

Bring it I don't think y'all really wanna see it


Aiyyo why do niggaz run they mouth when they ain't bout it (uh-huh)

Ain't "Ryde or Die" but stay wantin to shout it (uh-huh)

Stay pullin the thing out but what you gon' do without it

No I wanna know f'real what you gon' do without it (f'real )

We done tested y'all niggaz the rest of y'all niggaz

Threatened y'all niggaz STRAIGHT UP double vested y'all niggaz

And it was ONLY out of love that we protect y'all niggaz

And because of a ni**a in jail we respected y'all niggaz


Be careful where you walkin cause the ground's real shaky

Ni**a hold the fo' but PLEASE don't make me

Please don't mistake me make me angry (WHAT )


Love me or hate me (WHAT ) niggaz can't break me (c'mon )