Listen to Miss Celie's Blues (From "The Color Purple") song with lyrics from The 3rd Stage Theatre Co.

Miss Celie's Blues (From "The Color Purple")

The 3rd Stage Theatre Co.15 Sep 2015

Miss Celie's Blues (From "The Color Purple") Lyrics

Miss Celie's Blues (Tribute Version) - Ameritz Tribute Standards (阿莫瑞兹致敬标准)


Sister you've been on my mind

Oh sister we're two of a kind

So sister I'm keeping my eyes on you


I bet you think I don't know nothing

But singing the blues

Oh sister have I got news for you

I'm something

I hope you think that you're something too


Oh scuffling

I been up that lonesome road

And I seen a lot of suns going down

Oh but trust me

Now low life's gonna run me around

So let me tell you something sister

Remember you name

No twister gonna steal your stuff away

My sister

We shore ain't got a whole lot of time

So shake you shimmy Sister


Cause honey Miss Molly is feeling fine