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Open Road

Jude Cole1 Nov 2005

Open Road Lyrics

Open Road - Jude Cole

Black road Georgia trees


Midnight moon just stay with me


Like a lighthouse in the sky


Let these eighteen wheels fly


I woke up this morning in a Motel Five


Brokenhearted I'm gonna drive through the night


Down the open road


I asked her where she stood


She said Johnny this ain't no good


You made the highway your home


And I'm just tired of livin' alone


So you go your way and I'll go mine


And maybe one day you'll find what you're looking for


Down the open road


Down the open road


I've been down this road many a time


And Lord I've tried to find


Some peace of heart some peace of mind


But this road just winds and winds


There's a crazy lady with high-heeled shoes


She could take away my homesick blues


And lately I feel a little crazy too


Yes I do Ma'am oh yes I do


Got a double sleeper I'm hell on wheels


Come on sweet thing show me how love feels


Down the open road


Down the open road


Ooh somewhere down the open road

She don't break down she don't run cold

She's got heart and soul like a pot of gold

(Yeah yeah)

Sees the white lines when I'm driving blind

A hundred more miles and she's right on time


Right on time


She's right on time


Right on time

(Down the open road)



Right on time