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The Fear

Matisse26 Oct 2009

The Fear Lyrics

The Fear - Matisse

You are staring at the mirror

As the minutes go by

Then place your hands over your face

You wonder what went wrong

It's all over the radio

And every morning show

You once believed in violence

Now you're status quo

Oh no no no

The wrinkles show in your face

Oh no no no

Slowly you turn middle aged

And lately

You don't synch with this century

You fear of growing old

So long so long so long

To youth forever gone

The fear of growing old

You are staring at the TV

As the petrol bombs fly by

You once were young and beautiful

And change was in your mind

It's all about the money now

It's all about your age

The cynical indifference

The young you love to hate


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