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The Dixieland Band

Helen Ward16 Nov 2011

The Dixieland Band Lyrics


The Dixieland Band - Helen Ward

Written by:Bernie Hanighen/Johnny Mercer


D'y'ever hear the story of The Dixieland Band

Let me tell ya brother that the music was grand


They had a piano and a clarinet

Only thing they needed was a second cornet


And that's what lead to the ruin ruin of The Dixieland Band


When the folks would holler for the Maple Leaf Rag

They would get to swingin' but the trumpet would drag

They had to keep him 'cause he played so sweet

But they needed someone who could give them a beat


Someone who's born with the rhythm rhythm of The Dixieland Band


He'd play so sweetly 'stead o' playin'


He'd play so sweetly they'd be sayin'


Sure enough he got 'em so they couldn't play right

Finally he digged 'em on a Saturday night

He hit a note that was off the chord

Apoplexy got 'em and they went to the Lord


And that is the pitiful story the story of The Dixieland Band


Now they're up in heaven and they're happy at last

'Cause they found a trumpet man who really can blast


The way he swings 'em is an awful shame

He can really do it - Gabriel is his name


And now folks here is a sample listen to The Dixieland Band


If you hear a trumpet start to play

Don't you be afraid it's the Judgement Day

'Cause it's just Mister Gabriel soundin' his A



And The Dixieland Band is fixin' to play