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Someone's Waiting For You

Shelby Flint1 Jan 2013

Someone's Waiting For You Lyrics

Someone's Waiting For You (誰かが待っている(『ビアンカの大冒険』より)) - Shelby Flint

Written by:Ayn Robbins/Carol Connors/Sammy Fain

Be brave little one


Make a wish for each sad little tear


Hold your head up though

No one is near

Someone's waiting for you


Don't cry little one


There'll be a smile where

A frown use to be


You'll be part of the

Love that you see


Someone's waiting for you


Always keep a little prayer

In your pocket

And you're sure to see the light


Soon there'll be joy

And happiness

And your little world will be bright


Have faith little one


Til your hopes and your

Wishes come true


You must try to be brave little one


Someone's waiting to love you


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