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Our Remains

Beta Radio14 Sep 2018

Our Remains Lyrics

Our Remains - Beta Radio

Lyrics by:Benjamin Mabry/Brent Holloman

I survived the wasteland

Of taste and tongues but can't deny

A beacon shined in blistered light for a while

Burnin' in an open eye

No room for improvement

You're just some muse I use for joy

The version of you I love is some other

Not this virgin little boy

Little souls flirtin' boys and poured on anyone

It'll never be the same

Thunderin' loud stand up proud as lightnin' crashed the waves

I don't want to stay I'm wearin' your remains

I pulled you in my body

The thought is really all I know

Does it alarm you or disarm you

I should have warned you I didn't mean to harm you so

I only said I wanted

To bring you near your phoney house

You were a loner and a stone

Who didn't know if you could be my home right now

Little signs beacon shinin' out on anyone

It'll never be the same

Summer storm bodies worn with seven of anything

I don't want to wait I'm wearin' our remains

I'll bet you sad missions

I pressed my tongue against your hair

You invite me say delight me and come inside me

There's no room to hide me there

Am I a tortured glutton

Am I some portion of a whole

On your horizon always shinin' the beacon brightest

I take my hands off all controls

Little souls can take no more I'm torn from everyone

It'll never be the same

Summer haze all decayin' hand around a blade


I don't want to wait I'm wearin' love's remains