Listen to Charles De Gaulle To JFK song with lyrics from Bas

Charles De Gaulle To JFK

Bas29 Apr 2014

Charles De Gaulle To JFK Lyrics

Charles De Gaulle To JFK (Explicit) - Bas


Got them stickers in my ride

I like to keep em bumpin'

I hustlin' chasin' dreams and

Hopes that I could become somethin'

I threw a party she say Bassy

Thank you but it's nothin'

Cause I had to keep it jumpin'

Yay be Griffin but I know

That you be jumpin'

Poker face stiffin'

But I know that you be bluffin'

No I ain't be cuffin' all these ducks be gettin' is

Rubber duck etcaeterin' and all the pain

I left to make and be a quadrimeter

Goofy lined up fired up in the dutch

In the easy wind up light up in the speed

I ain't clutch the city on me and my clutch

Worries ain't depending on me I'm clutched

Toast up my most tough at thirty thousand feet

Len me yo hand land can make it I'mma see

Mission on man make you wheep about the street

The D cup on the fleet played that b**ch on repeat

Walkin' thru time zones I'm on that trip

Got yo piece of the pie and you pawn that sh*t

I'm takin' all that sh*t until I own that sis

College sh*t get mind blown

I'm on that quiff

She got expenses for Dixon and a nose that's rich

Nothin' betta than brown dough that's on that stick


A lil' hashish shiish baby if you roll it up with some keiff


At the Carter like Kapuchi

Riddin' thru the borough while this cutie feelin' sushi

Salen avocado and all the other cuchie

Charles De Gaulle To Jfk

Balls givin' up the drugs like I'm Jfk


Guess I'm flawed that's the roll

Ain't nobody perfect

Do it all just to ball ad the sh*t is worth it


(It's like that y'all)


I'm in L A but my days got sand from Dubai

I'm getting brains all day like I'm Magna Cum Laude

Cause while you boys planked

I was getting more stamps

Now my passport shitting on your whole camp

F**k the Instagram that monkeys

Do delivery that instant gram


Damn put them ones up for them ones that's above us