Listen to Shoulda Been Lovin' You song with lyrics from Brian McKnight

Shoulda Been Lovin' You

Brian McKnight5 Dec 2006

Shoulda Been Lovin' You Lyrics


Thinking 'bout all the times I let you down


Now both my feet are firmly planted on the ground

Hurting you was never in my plan

I was trying to be the man


I try to reach you


But you won't answer my call


And I don't blame ya


I never dreamed that you


You'd want nothing to do with me

I know it's true (shoulda been)

Instead of runnin' around

I should've been lovin' you

-(shoulda been)

Instead of breaking your heart

-(shoulda been lovin' you)

And baby I'm so sorry for the things I put you through

-(shoulda been lovin you)

Now I'm starring in the mirror at a fool

Who should been lovin' you

(shoulda been)

Who shoulda been lovin' you

-(shoulda been)


-(shoulda been lovin you)

I'm thinking 'bout every time I lied unto your face


You saw right through me but still you gave me my space


I thought I was so damn cool

Baby I miss you but you're moving on with your life


And I can't stop you


I could have never surmised that I'd be standing all alone with tears fallin' from my eyes


Aaaaah aaaah aaaaah aaaah

Aaaaah aaaah aaaaah aaaah

There's what you want

You walk away from me

This is not this is not the way it was supposed to be

Heaven knows how hard I prayed that Jesus could find a way



This is not like anything in my life that I've ever felt

What am I gonna do the first time I see you hooked up with somebody else

I think I might lose my mind

Inside my heart will be bleeding

That what I get


For being out there cheating


Aaaaah aaaah aaaaah aaaah

Aaaaah aaaah aaaaah aaaah

Aaaaah aaaah aaaaah aaaah


Aaaaah aaaah aaaaah aaaah