Listen to Behold the Lowly Centipede song with lyrics from Stephin Merritt

Behold the Lowly Centipede

Stephin Merritt13 Feb 2006

Behold the Lowly Centipede Lyrics

Behold The Lowly Centipede - Stephin Merritt

Behold the lowly centipede


He undulates and wiggles

To form and poise he pays no heed

He oscillates and wriggles

He wriggles high he wriggles low

He wrigles far and wide

He wriggles in eye sockets

Of ladies who have died


He wriggles in the highest trees

He wriggles in the deep

He wriggles in the dainty ears

Of ladies fast asleep


Behold the lowly centipede

He crawls hither and thither

Of gold and guns he has no need

He only needs to slither


He slithers here he slithers there

Through country field and town


He slithers in the underwear


Of ladies sitting down


He slithers anywhere he likes

Wherever passion leads

He slithers into ladies


And makes baby centipedes