Listen to N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. ll song with lyrics from Nas

N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. ll

Nas6 Apr 1999

N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. ll Lyrics



N.Y. State of Mind Pt. ll - Nas


Yo yo-yo y'all

Whattup Whattup

It's time man (Word it's time )

Straight up it's time man

Aight set that sh*t off

(Set it off then ni**a set it off)

Broken glass in the hallway bloodstained floors

Neighbors look at every bag you bring through your doors

Lock the top lock momma shoulda cuffed me to the radiator

Why not It might've saved later from my block

N Y cops hookers crawlin off the stroll coughin

Stitches in they head stinkin and I dread thinkin they be snitchin


But who else could it be shook at these unmarked vans

Parked in the dark -- NARC's where's your heart

Hustlers starve; they bust a U-e I jog

To my building -- come out later wearin camouflage


See the sergeant and the captain -- strangle men

Niggaz gaspin for air; til they move no more and just stare

With dead eyes -- tired of riots sh*t is quiet

Simple-minded fools infiltrate grimy crews


Overcrowded cribs uncles home from bids sister's pregnant

Father's on drugs moms is smokin beds is piss-infested


Had eight partners growin up eight turned to seven

Seven turned to six niggaz got two in heaven

Six of us holdin it now it's five rollin thick

The sixth one's parole flipped; five niggaz went to fo' quick

When he went O T college life converted into gangbangin

Four niggaz still hangin years passed and slang changin

Three of us now fourth ni**a ain't around

We all thought he was real -- he did the snake sh*t

Fake sh*t -- beat his a** down yo his mouth

Could've got us all wasted what a f**kin clown

All I got left in the end is two of my best friends

And we all goin out to the death for these ends WHAT





You heard about it you see about it

You read about it it's in your papers

It's in your daily news ("Get money ")

New York chronicles every day

The crime rate the murder rate

The money rate the paper chase youknowhatImean


New York state of mind baby check it out



I'm at the gamblin spot my hands on a knot

New York Yankee cap cover my eyes stand in one spot

I take a ni**a dough send him home to a shoebox

You lost that ni**a I put your dollar in the jukebox

Hear my favorite song all these niggaz sing along

All the ciggarette smoke's cloggin my lungs hoodrats flashin they tongue

Young thugs blastin they gun we got reputations


B**ches and niggaz both on parole or probation


Sh*t is sick niggaz got gats army fatigues

I got my eyes glued on whoever walk in the lead

Cause I ain't playin niggaz'll run up in here and shoot up this sh*t

Stick yo' a** up niggaz'll find the loot in your kicks

Bunch of triple-cross niggaz just New York niggaz

Lift you off your feet when they was just talkin with you

Some of these dudes the Feds be on em you knew em for years

Be the type when you walk in a pub they offer you beers

That ain't gangsta niggaz is up North with tatted tears

Your name's on the affadavit you ratted kid

Faggot-a** niggaz that be scared to do they bids

F**k you we run you out of N Y you can't live

Got your quiet niggaz that relocated down South


Comin back to floss then you got the jealous loudmouths

All of a sudden we got Crips and Bloods D T 's


Runnin round quick to split your mug it's ea-sy to score


But it's hard to get the sh*t off

Niggaz fightin over hundred sales jump in the car and drive off

When the fiend come around the block happy as hell

Niggaz mad cause they ain't get a piece of that sale

Cutthroat connivers universal ghetto survivors

Go to any hood that's live and make it liver

A lot of niggaz scheamin some real some niggaz frontin

But I'm a big dreamer so watch me come up with somethin



New York New York