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Morning View

Towkio18 May 2018

Morning View Lyrics


Loose (Clean) - Towkio

Written by:Frederic Kennett/Preston Oshita


I had a vision


I tried to warn them but they didn't listen


So now they view from the sidelines watching it all come together


It's time for the intervention it's time for a new religion


I met the stars but I feel the same

Come off the plane and it feel different

To come home and feel distant

I'm trapped in my head but swear

I'm still in it and I'm a stay here so get used to me

Ain't the same person that I used to be but still humanly

We breathe the same air looking at the game like a daycare

The team too strong they like

Towk you ain't playing fair

Watch me just manifest Frankenstein make it come to life

Float to the skies like Pegasus I might burn alive

Won't regret my mistake trust in the sciences

Gotta feel that heat just to know how hot that fire get

And I'm a keep supplying it because it's high in demand

I got a hunger that could silence the lambs

And if I fail bet I try it again they probably try and attack

They shoot shots bet I fire em back like pop pop pop

Hit em like oh my god pull yo card

Why you tryna act that hard

So show some proof want it we can go there too

That's not the move been holding back but now

I'm about to let it loose

And if you want it what you tryna do

And if you got it then just show me some proof

I just really I got my head in it

Making them all regretting it

And really I'm about to let it loose


I'm about to let it loose


Now I'm about to let it loose



Really I'm about to let it loo