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I Belong

Cast - Sofia The First, Sofia1 Jan 2013

I Belong Lyrics


I wasn't born a princess


Sometimes I feel like

I have to keep proving


I Belong


I study hard

I read the books

But everywhere I turn


It's seems like

There's a zillion things


That I still need to learn


I've got the shoes


I've got dress

That makes me a princess I guess

I have all the stuff

But is it enough


To make me a success


Oh how do I keep on

Trying and just stay strong


With so many times

I wonder if I belong


They look at me

What do they see

Am I royal or just pretending to be

But this is the day

To make them all say

That I did it perfectly


I've got to keep on trying

And just stay strong


Cuz' this is my chance

To show them that I belong


Is it all about the Finer

Which dress some wore


Cuz' I would think

That once inside should

Mean a whole lot more


So I got to go and take this test

I'm gonna try my very best

To make the right move

And finally prove

I'm as Royal as the rest

Yes I'm gonna keep on

Trying and I'll stay strong

Cuz' this is my chance to

Show them that I belong


There may be things

I may get wrong


But I gotta just stay strong


I'm gonna finally show them


I belong


I Belong (feat Sofia) - The Cast of Sofia the First


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