Listen to Corrlinks and JPay (Explicit) song with lyrics from Kodak Black

Corrlinks and JPay (Explicit)

Kodak Black31 Mar 2017

Corrlinks and JPay (Explicit) Lyrics

Corrlinks and JPay - Kodak Black

Ear Dummers


Sniper gang


Mike will made It


I'm like a fiend know what I mean

I need everythin'


No homie this ain't lean I'm drinkin' lemonade


I ain't talkin' Blige but I'm blowin' Mary J


You would think I'm blind 'cause I be rockin' heavy shades


I gotta keep the fire try me I'm gon' let it rain

'Cause I be walkin' round with a big scary chain


On when I'm posted up I'm sellin' candy cane


Before I made my move I had to let it marinate


I beat the pot with the spoon and watch the dopelock up


I drop the 5 in the Duce like I'm Hurt Locker


Don't make me run up in your gig 'cause I'm a show stopper

I got 99 bands I ain't got no problems


Ayy repeat what you just said you don't want no problems


I'm patient when she give me head I call her dome doctor


I keep a pep in my step like I'm pimp walkin'


I run up in your home like I'm a Macaulay Culkin


I got lil' shawty on that reefer now she Kodak boppin'


When I jump up in that Beamer I be thot hoppin'


All this Perc' in the lean got me sleep walkin'


I'm booted up Molly Jolly I don't need coffee


I'm tryna blow the f**k up those crackers lock me down


They got me on the seventh floor I'm tryna hit the ground


I'm tryna touch the promised land you need to let me down


I put my trust in that b**ch that hoe let me down


Corrlinks and JPay


Corrlinks and JPay


Corrlinks and JPay


Corrlinks and JPay

Corrlinks and JPay

For all my niggas waitin' on some pictures through the Corrlink

I know your people ain't keep it real like they supposed to be


Go send your niggas some money through JPay so he can eat


That ni**a used to look out for you when he was on the streets


I just hit my cousin one today do it like e mail

I know that feelin' that you feelin' and I love you fam


Just like a peanut butter jelly my ni**a in a jam


This for them niggas eatin' Zoom Zoom's and Wam Wam's


And your girl got a new ni**a but she gon' leave when you release

Feel like everybody shakin' they be loyal for a week

That boy a Jimmy told me Black you a profit ni**a

Cause when you spit that real sh*t that be like God sent you


Corrlinks and JPay


Corrlinks and JPay


Corrlinks and JPay


Corrlinks and JPay


Corrlinks and JPay