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These Things Happen

G-Eazy23 Jun 2014

These Things Happen Lyrics

These Things Happen (这些事会发生) - G-Eazy

Let's go


Party in a penthouse

Until I pass the f**k out

Reminiscing being broke

And hoping I would luck out

Now a days I pull hoes

Swinging never struck out

Reinvested everything

Just trying to get a buck out

Will I ever make it

Felt fear on my life

For a while was going through a nervous patch

Then I had the most insane year of my life


Crazy cause I only saw the surface scratched

Yeah waking up next to a random girl I never knew

Goin' after Marilyn's instead of Sue's


Tryna bring her backstage

Then see what she let me do

Till security was like

Wait up who the f**k are you


Set backs of being almost on


Opening up the shows

I'm trying to get noticed on

Labels calling the telephone

That I wrote this on

But I press decline hit notes

And keep on going on

Take a look at us

It's what you call a team


Freight train

I'm leading everybody full of steam


Drinking simultaneously

Rolling collard greens

Maybe I was higher than a b**ch

And this was all a dream


Still killing shows with Blizzy

Member being in his Jeep

And riding through the city

Played him Endless Summer said

Get used to staying busy

Cause you'll never get a fallback

Let's go and get a milli


Brought him on tour just to live it

Poppin after parties with some girls

Who want to give it

All my close homies

Keep me grounded like a pivot

Talkin' about a way to get it

We already did it


Switchin' lanes when that Porsche shifts

Homies movin' weight just like a forklift


When my album drops

Jedis can feel the force shift

Meanwhile you lyin a** rappers droppin' horse sh*t


Only pay attention if you pay me

Chilling with a Sarah and a Vicky and a Jamie

Just a young man living life

Could you blame me

Overcast is snowy but the titty bar is rainy

Dreaming of a million while I sleep on satin


Homies always telling me just keep on rapping


I'mma blow the f**k up

While you sleep on napping

F**k you want me to say


These Things Happen