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Eminem1 Jan 2010

Untitled Lyrics

Untitled (无标题的) - Eminem (埃米纳姆)

Nah man

Not quite finished yet

Girl I think

You just might'a tried to pull

A muh'f**king fast one I'm mad

You just hurt my goddamn feeling

And that was the last one I had

Does this look like an arcade

Tryna play games

See this saw blade

See the silhouette of a stalker

In your walk-way Better co-operate

Or get saute'd and

Rotisseried while you're hog-tied

MC's get so quiet you can hear a muh'

F**king dog whistle while I walk by

'Colt Seavers' on a mule

Stuntin on that a** like the f**king Fall Guy

I don't gas my Mercedes after midnight

Man I treat it like a Mogwai

Cuz it will turn into a Gremlin and run over kids

Women and men

Vrinn-vrinn Motor's so big

You can fit a midget in his engine

B**ch give me them digits

While you're cringin'

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

While I spin spin even ten cents on you

Since when

Do you think it's gonna cost me a pretty penny

Shiit if I think a penny's pretty

Just imagine how beautiful a quarter is to me

Eenie meenie miney mo

Catch an eskimo by his toe

While he's trying to roll a snowball but

Don't make him lose his cool

If he hollers better let him go ya'll

Now here we go go goooooo

Get up Baby get a move on

Like a U-Haul

You can rack your brain like pool balls

You will never think of this sh*t

Yeah honey you called

Well here I come

Havoc on the beat I reek it

Evil I see hear and speak it

Lady put your money on Shady

F**k that other weak sh*t

Put your eggs in the same basket

You can count every muh'

F**king chicken fore' it hatches

Cuz you can bet your a**

That we gone get it crackin'

Like a Kraken and Titans

When they're clashin'

Get your brains bashed in so bad

You gone have Kurt Kobain askin

To autograph a bloodstained napkin

I'm fashionable and 'bout as rational

As a rash on a fag's asshole

Now let's take that line

Run it up the flag pole with Elton

See if he's cool with it

Don't stand there

And look stupid at me b**ch

I ain't in the mood for this sh*t

Get my d**k Google it till it pops up

Ya'll are so motherf**king

Full of sh*t that you're stopped up

Me I'm always shitting diarrhea of the mouth

Till your speakers crap out

"Ohp What "

Girl you got a hot butt like a

Lit cigarette "Chik-Chigarette"

But you won't get a hot fudge Sundae from me

So do not strut my way slut Because

Here we go go goooooo


And now that I got your panties in a bunch

And your bowels in an uproar

Im'ma show you why I came

Stop asking me what the f**k for

Now look you little slut cunt

Whore know you want more

B**ches tell I put the Mat back into Mathers

Cuz I'm a f**king problem

Run boy

Every flow got it mastered

So every last word that you f**king fags heard

Comes straight from the fishes a** Yeah

In other words I'm a Bass turd

Looking at me like I killed Kenny

Gassing the tank near steal plenty

No morals are instilled in me

So remorse I really don't feel any

Eat your heart out Hannibal

Understandable why you're jealous

F**king animal

I got cannibal magnetism

Cant resist him now can ya hoe

Shady I don't understand your flow

Understand my flow

B**ch I flow like Troy Polamalu's hair boy

Don't you dare try to follow or compare boy

I'm raw you ain't even medium rare

Stay the f**k outta my hair boy

You can look you can stare and point

But you can't touch -- I'm too clairvoyant

I don't get it man is there a void

All this weak sh*t what am I steroids

Well b***h I'm back with some sh*t for that a**

And your trunk Elephant hemorrhoids

And remember boys

Here we go go goooooo

Thank you for coming out


Hope you enjoyed the show

Till next time




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