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He's Shedding Skin

The Blow Monkeys26 Oct 1991

He's Shedding Skin Lyrics

He's Shredding Skin - The Blow Monkeys


There's no reason to be sad

Or wallow in your misery


Somewhere in the city

Far away from here

When the light of life turns sour

We can spend our final hour


My melancholy friend


The deep and haunted cavern

Is our temporary heaven

It's not hard to see


So drink up and take your desire

By the morning your brain is on fire

With a wealth of possibilities


I see no reason to resist this


He's shedding skin


He's shedding skin yeah


Whatever whenever you feel blue


It don't matter what you do or say

I will be here for a million years

To keep the hands at bay


The wind and rain away




He's shedding skin


He's shedding skin

So come on and do it with him


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