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Act A Fool

King Tee16 Nov 1988

Act A Fool Lyrics

Act A Fool (扮演一个傻瓜) - King Tee

It's Friday night on the streets of LA

I'm goin' out been hangin' 'round the house all day

So I take me a shower dress like a big


Stop at the arco put some gas in my caddy

Armor on my wheels shine up my daytons

Check my 12 gauge I see jackers just waitin

Got in my car rolled up the tinted glass

Looked for my zapp tape to pop in my dash

Can't find it forget it went under my seat

Found my old fired tape of the song knee deep

So I popped it in then I pumped it up

Love hearin' funk because disco sucks


Body got chills when the basses started poundin'

I took off because I'm goin' to town and

Won't be back 'til mornin' don't have to go to


Better get ready I'm finna act a fool


But wait hold up hold up


Wazzup daddy

Now I'm on the move got a grand in my


Reached for my phone plugged it in the socket

Heard the dial tone so I dialed up aladdin

He answered the phone and said what's up I said

What's happenin

He said where you been I been tryin' to get

In touch

The party's in watts I said I don't give a


If you wanna go just wear neutral colors

If anybody asks you just tell 'em you're my brother

Stopped at the store to buy me a cisco

A 40 ounce and some crackers by nabisco

A pack of dentyne and I pulled out a 10

And said f**k it super socco and gin

I'm finna act a fool


Now I'm drivin down compton on my way to get


Feelin' like a pimp till my tape started draggin'

It's a old tape anyway it ain't no thing


Pulled it out and slapped in dana dane


Got to aladdin's house and I honked my horn

He said when we comin' back I said 6 n

Tha morn

So he got in the car lookin' half dead

So I gave him my cisco and took the 40

To the head

Now I'm feelin' tipsy and I'm headed for watts

But wait what do I see sittin' at the bus


Sexy susanna had a butt that kills

Pretty long hair but they say it's not real

Aladdin yelled you fake tramp she threw a rock in

My glass

So I got out my car and drop kicked her ass

I checked out my window everything was cool

She was lucky I was nice and I didn't act

A fool


We finally arrived at the party drunk as a jerk

Got out my car pressed the clip so the alarm

Would chirp

After that we made our way I tried not to


Couldn't walk a straight line if they let me crawl


Got to the door and what spots my eye

My homeboy Mr prince and he's smokin' some thai

So I stumbled his way and said hey pass the


I took a hit then a hit from my mouth


This girl asked me to dance but I told the

Hoe no

'Cause she was on my tip 'cause of my big

Gold rope

But it seems she got offended that's splendid

Before she starts somethin' I just slap her and end


'Cause I feel like a gangster and I just don't


About a girl with fake drag fake eyes fake hair

Fake clothes fake nails and all that fake jewelry

All she wanna do is tell her friends that she

Screwed me

I get nutty act a fool when I want to

Run up when I'm drunk and I just might pump


Take your car your wife keep talkin' your life

Beat you down like a cluck and have you smokin'

The pipe


You know why 'cause I'm cool


Well kill me


Shoot me muthaf**k pie yow ah sh*t

I gotcha


Oh godd*mn


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