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DBC Let The Music Play

Stetsasonic20 Aug 2007

DBC Let The Music Play Lyrics

DBC Let The Music Play (LP版) - Stetsasonic

Well under normal situation

You jump in your car you put your tape in

But when that tape is (Stetsa-Stet )


You tally a time you won't forget

You listen to a band the sound is hoopin'

It ain't no time for party poopin'

You could get down to the real McCoy

And enjoy the music we employ

How that sound The Stet's a-bound

The Hip-Hop band the six renowned

A musical flow with an added twist

And for you girlies Wise is gonna throw you a kiss

So break out the champagne pop the cork

The year's '88 the town New York

The crowd is loud and everything's okay

DBC let the music play


With the band guarantee you bop

'Cause what you get with Stet is Hip-Hop

Increase the knobs lighten up the bass

Turn it to the max and it might taste

Like popcorn but I don't pop

Instead of doin' the whop I build up the drop

Ya fake MC's ya get treated like slop

And they get mopped

'Cause we're not like cops

'Cause we're top notch

Wait you know we're better than that

We're like scotch tape

Stickin' as if on the court

But we resort in the square

Just a hopin' and darin'

That you would on to make the move sucker

We're not even through

Everybody gets pumped that we showed you

So listen to the band with the musical sway

DB' let the music play



Now all you ladies start the clappin'

'Cause the mix machine is rappin'


Fellas start your fingers snappin'

'Cause I just came to say what's happenin'

Your boy Prince Paul is doin' the jammin'

While the MC's take care of the rammin'

And DBC his beats are slammin'

The human percussion everybody examine

So check out the bass line with the beat

Playin' along right by I mean

Keys and beats while I'm bustin' the rhyme

Right about this time I know it's blowin your mind

Showin' the group that he's a step above

Up on the microphone is Wise's supreme love

So before I go and get on my way

DB' let the music play




When our triggers are copped

Out work is immediate

And you can take some ingredient

With speed we give you what you need

And any barracade we will truly stampede

Go with the bowl, 199090 435plus the heart y'all

And on the script kings of the rap jaw

Plain and simple we're out to win

Grease bumpy slip but we're smilin'


Right out the box we got a rough hard core

The Stet's mystique is like a lion's roar

Your rhythm slam I'll slam it like a hammer

The DBC with another hot jammer

You coup de grace and now de ja vou

Give him a space and he will fill the room

And we are the band earnin' our heyday

So DBC let the music play




Uh huh


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