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Luna Rossa

Jerry Vale1 Sep 1998

Luna Rossa Lyrics

Luna Rossa - Jerry Vale

Oh luna rossa you're out tonight


A moon of red in a sky of white


Because I'm selling a lie tonight


And blushing moon you know of it


Oh luna rossa you're smart at love


You know I'm playing the part of love


I try my hand in the art of love


Just for the thrill and glow of it


Luna rossa forgive me luna rossa


For the vows I made tonight that are untrue

What else am I to do


But blushing moon there's a reason why

The love I longed for has passed me by

And so I play at the game but I


I am lonely luna rossa


Luna rossa


Chi mme sarra sincera


Luna rossa

Se n'e ghiuta ll'ata sera

Senza mme vede


E io dico ancora ch'aspetta a me

For'o barcone stanott'e ttre


E prega 'e sante pe'mme vede



Cca nun ce sta nisciuna