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Step Son

박재범, Nacho Picasso7 Jun 2019

Step Son Lyrics


Step Son(Prod. By JuniorChef & GroovyRoom) - 박재범 (朴宰范)/Nacho Picasso

Lyrics by:Jay Park/Nacho Picasso

Composed by:JuniorChef/GroovyRoom/Jay Park

Arranged by:JuniorChef/GroovyRoom

I'm like a like a

Rock festival

Boy I be getting them bands

Know that I never lose

Yeah I be h1gh in demand

Rawest in all of the land

More than the fish in Japan

F**k s**t up that be the plan

F**k s**t up that be the plan

I'm an odd odd ball hardcore p**n got nothing on me

Declaring nonstop war all y'all boring ain't nothing to see

The town put it down on the come up till sun up ain't nobody f**kin' with we

We wavy like surfers that don't give a f**k about sharks and still come to the beach

Please don't waste my mothaf**kin' time

Booty calls included baby please don't hit my line

H1GHR AOMG we be on the f**kin' grind

Actually maybe you cause you so mothaf**kin fine

Yes I'm all about peace

My white Bentley leased

Negativity 신경 안 쓰지

내 맘대로 아무 말 대잔치 말릴 수는 없잖아

Couple of Bad Boyz like Diddy and Mase and they know we don't stop

You think you running s**t we running faster

Mothaf**ka you's a demo I'm a master

You batting with a stick when I'm the catcher

Push you to the side like you was a step son

Step son step son

Push you to the side like you was a step son

Step son step son

Push you to the side

Skrrt skrrt skrrt

I'm fun anywhere I f**k in the mirror

I cum in her hair s***t my gun in the air

I'm Nacho La Flare not Nacho the square

She not tryna share but there's nacho to spare

My f**king for leisure she f**k for a visa

She simpin' like Lisa I'm catching amnesia

My fascion like freeza she bi like Felicia

She buying me sneakers I might wanna keep her

Maybe not on the 2nd thought

Three o'clock on my second thot

Neo pop with a neon top

We won't stop got the key on lock

S**t on opps and I pee on cops

Flirt with moms and I beat up pops

Call me Jack cause I'm in the box

Your album limp and it's finna flop

I made it through hell but I ain't a demon

Like a skeletor but I am a human

She rocking my boat salute to my sea men

She bobbing and weaving she overachieving

They always talking bout' you trying to rap some

Step son n***a you my step son

Learn a lesson follow step 1

Don't step unless you want your tee a wet one

Never leave a house without rocking a weapon

You versus me like J-Kwon versus Raekwon

Step son step son

Where the next one we might have to catch one


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