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All I Need Is the Girl

Bette Midler30 Aug 2005

All I Need Is the Girl Lyrics

I pretend I'm at home getting dressed for a date


I take a comb comb my hair

Take a flower smell it and put it in my lapel

And I spot the audience

Once my clothes were shabby

Tailors called me Cabbie

So I took a vow said this bum'll be Beau Brummel

Now I'm smooth and snappy now my tailor's happy

I am the cats meow my wardrobe is a wow

Paris silk Harris tweed there's only one thing I need

Got my tweed pressed got my best vest

All I need now is the girl

Got my striped tie got my hopes high

Got the time and the place and I got rhythm

Now all I need is the girl to go with 'em

If she'll just appear we'll take this big town for a whirl


And if shell say my darling I'm yours

I'll throw away my striped tie and my best pressed tweed

All I really need is the girl


I start off easy you see

Now I'm more debonair ssh break


And I sell it here I start this step see

And then I build it double it


She appears all in white I take her hand kiss it

And lead her on the floor


This step's good for the costume Astaire's pat


Yah dah dah dah yah dah yah dah dah yah


Now we waltz strings come in


And I lift her again once more


And now the tempo changes and all the lights come up

And I build for the finale


Louise that's it do it over here


Follow me faster Charleston


Again do it again give me your hands


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