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Making Hay

Dan Tyminski17 Jun 2008

Making Hay Lyrics

Making Hay (制作干草) - Dan Tyminski

He never went to school beyond the day

He turned sixteen

And I can't say that

I know being that poor really means


He wouldn't be mistaken for


A man of high degree


But he was just as smart as anyone could be


The first thing I remember till the day

I moved away


Up and every morning

I don't believe he missed a day


It was always after sundown

When he pulled up in the yard


He would be on a tractor and

Let me drive into the barn


While the planter acre baler

They were all the same to me


When I grow up a farmer is all

I ever wanna be


I know that he was tired but

He would sit and watch me play


In my imagination I was really making hay


I graduated highschool just before I turned eightteen


Two years into college

When I had a change of dreams


I'd wear a dank old necktie like

Those city fellows do

I'd move out in the suburbs like a million other fools


I met a brown haired beauty

Who was sweet as she could be


The day that we were married

He stood right there next to me


I knew that he was tired and

He seemed so out of place


He never said a word but it was written on his face


I couldn't read the signs

When she was falling out of love


The more he turned the lonelier till

She'd finally had enough


So I'd pack up my suits and ties and gave them all away


And headed for the country just in time for making hay


No I won't be mistaken for a man of high degree



'Cause I was born a farmer and that's all I'll ever be