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Aye (Explicit)

Fetty Wap12 May 2017

Aye (Explicit) Lyrics

Aye (赞成) - Fetty Wap

17 we ain't playin' ay

15 car garage ay

Sh*t still ain't enough ay

Bank account got the most ay

I saved bread from the start ay

Show money for 15 ay

Now sh*t changed a lot ay

Six houses 20 cars ay

Seven hundred thousand on some jewelry

Now they know a ni**a living large ay

All of them push to starts ay

W**d stink like a fart ay

Red dot got a mark ay

Let it fly we in the car ay

Fake tough he ain't hard

Ay I was way smarter than that

Ay I got way farther than niggas

Ay I ain't play cards with these niggas

Ay I ain't chill out I ain't take numbers

I ain't play a part of these niggas

Ay it was rgf either win or lose but still sharkin' these niggas

Ay bet she bark on these niggas

Ay I pull up parkin' these niggas

Ay I was never friendly it was never envy

Say real recognize real

Ay I ain't sign for no deal

Ay banked up a couple mill

Ay me and 4 k fo'real

Ay pull up on ya big wheel

Ay niggas eating big meals

Ay all day big crew

Ay 90 y'all burn to sh*t

Ay that's a million dolla building

Ay I kept f**kin' up my pack

Ay I ain't ever reach a million

Ay 12 hunnit that's the block

Ay on da real that's the hood

Ay pill squad party packs

Ay young niggas eating good

Ay f**k ni**a try to go against me

Now he's stuck for real

Ay I guess he's stuck in pyur hell

Ay it was such a pure fail

Ay tell that ni**a farewell

Ay pure white big scale

Ay beige color fish scale

Ay I play my numbers real well woah

Mmmm ayyy


Mmmm ayyy


Mmmm ayyy


Mmmm ayyy




Yeah holding up the island for a while

Loyalty no new friends allowed

Baby I'm the king see the crown

Ni**a when you see me take a bow


And my jeans that bought 50 thou'

Told my mamma imma make her proud

Zoovie zoo I smoke it by the pound

Forty with the 30 for the round

Silent killer I don't make a sound


Niggas cannot turn me down


I am the man in the town yeah

Hate me or love me

These niggas be buying

You know I'm the man with the sound

Yeah I guess it's really what they wanted yeah

It's go time and I'm on it yeah

It's all mines and I want it yeah

No thirst just the money yeah

Cash checks when I'm yawning

8 th time platinum for a song

6 th time platinum for a song

3 time platinum for a song

3 time platinum for the album

Rgf welcome to the islands

Zoogang and I'm the zoogod yeah

Show me your frostbite

Show you what it cost like

Know I be workin' shawty yeah

F**k out my business

Who is you kidding

You is no kin to me


Rollin' with the gang

Like sayin' we blessed and he's my enemy

Yeah I am too hot now and I won't stop now

Ain't no ending me yeah


Mmmm ayyy


Mmmm ayyy


Mmmm ayyy


Mmmm ayyy




Mmmm ayyy


Mmmm ayyy


Mmmm ayyy


Mmmm ayyy




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