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Who's Gonna Take The Weight?

Gang Starr13 Jul 1999

Who's Gonna Take The Weight? Lyrics

Knowledge is power and knowledge can be the difference between life

Or death you should know the truth and the truth shall set you free

I was raised like a Muslim

Prayin' to the East

Nature of my life relates rhymes I release

Like a cannon

Cuz I been plannin' to be rammin' what I wrote

Straight on a plate down your throat

So digest as I suggest we take a good look

At who's who while I'm readin' from my good book

And let's dig into every nook and every cranny

Set your mind free as I slam these thoughts

And just like a jammy goes pow

You're gonna see what I'm sayin' now

You can't be sleepin'

Cuz things are gettin' crazy

You better stop being lazy

There's many people frontin'

And many brothers droppin'

All because of dumb things let me tell you somethin

I've been through so much that I'm such

A maniac but I still act out of faith

That we can get the sh*t together so I break

On fools with no rhymes skills messin' up the flow

And people with no sense who be movin' much too slow

And so you will know the meaning of the Gang Starr

Guru with the mic and Premier raise the anchor

Swiftly as we embark on a journey

I had to get an attorney

I needed someone to defend my position

Decisions I made cuz now it's time to get paid

And ladies these rhymes are like the keys to a d**e car

Maybe a Lexus or a Jaguar

Still all of that is just material

So won't you dig the scenario

And just imagine if each one is teachin' one

We'll come together so that we become

A strong force then we can stay on course

Find your direction through introspection

And for my people out there I got a question

Can we be the sole controllers of our fate

Now who's gonna take the weight


The weight of the world is heavy on my mind

So as my feelings unwind I find

That some try to be down just cuz it's trendy

Others fall victim to envy

But I'll take the road less travelled

So I can see all my hopes and my dreams unravel

Relievin' your stress expressin' my interest

In the situation that you're facin'

That's why I'm down with the Nation

Spirituality supports reality

We gotta fight with the right mentality

So we can gain what is rightfully ours

This is the meaning of the chain and the star

Land is power so gimme forty acres

Let's see how far I can take ya

Original invincible

That's how I'm lookin' at it

I use my rhymes like a Glock automatic

Any means necessary I'm goin' all out

Before the rains bring the nuclear fallout

So let me ask you is it too late

Ayo who's gonna take the weight





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