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We Built This

Cast of Black-ish29 Sep 2017

We Built This Lyrics

We Built This (《喜新不厌旧》电视剧插曲) - Cast of Black-ish

Written by:Fonzworth Bentley/Aloe Blacc/Peter Saji/Adrian Younge/Ali Shaheed Muhammad


Boy quit


It's gonna be okay it's gonna be alright


We raised their children


Then raised their buildings


And they made billions


I'm catching feelings




What else did we build


Railroads wall street

The white house and university



We built that

Chapel Hill

We built that


No I'm sorry our hebrew brothers get credit for that


Massa let's turn up and get it poppin'


Settle down we still ain't got nuthin'

We built this


We built this


I'm done ya'll

I'ma keep it one hunnid'

Tomorrow when I hit the field I'ma keep runnin'

We did everything that the overseer wanted

If we got paid then we'd be stunting

Sugarcane cotton hands

My blood and sweat came from this land

My life would've been different if I didn't have cinnamon pigment

We built this


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