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Love Is Strange

Mickey & Sylvia, The Teenagers1 Oct 2012

Love Is Strange Lyrics


Love Is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia/The Teenagers

Love (Mm-mm)

Love is strange (Yeah yeah)

A lot of people (Mm-mm)

Take it for a game


Once you get it (Mm-mm)

You never wanna quit (No no)


After you've had it (Yeah yeah)

You're in a awful fix


Many people (Mm-mm)


Don't understand (No no)

They think lovin' (Yeah yeah)

Is money in their hand


Your sweet lovin' (Mm-mm)

Is better than a kiss (Yeah yeah)

When you leave me (Mm-mm)

Sweet kisses I will miss




Yes Mickey


How do you call your loverboy


Come 'ere loverboy


And if he doesn't answer

Oh loverboy


And if he still doesn't answer

I simply say


Baby oh baby


My sweet baby


You're the one


Baby oh baby


My sweet baby


You're the one


***Lyrics are from third-parties***