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I'm On It

Chris Brown16 May 2010

I'm On It Lyrics

I'm On It (我已经在做了) - Chris Brown (克里斯·布朗)

I'm on it I'm on it

I'm on it I'm on it

If we talkin' bout money b**ch

Snap back chiller

Gold chain ni**a

Snaps no tigger tyga b**ches

Hundred proof liquor

Live no liver

Theres hoes on this muthaf**king strip stripping

A ni**a no different

So we hold the heat though

Smash on the b**ch brains looking like meatloaf

The hoe know me close she lying Leo's

Pedigree and swag is so cold zero

Hop in Medino oops I meant Medina

Life is a b**ch better know how to treat her

I don't get in between my goal be to win

Young money heisman rookies of the year


Raise hell boy hell yeah I'm hot hello

Boy yellow but my b**ch back from the ghetto

With the flow watch it pop sizzle

You feeling me better break fast mc griddles

I ain't finna slow down keep running your mouth

I'm running the real estate party in the f**king house

My niggas is loud in the lobby they can't turn us down

Have have a drink drink drink some Coke and a smile


I run town all day 24 miles

150 on the dash can't even count

Keep f**king b**ch ain't sh*t to talk about


Be-best Rapper C E O

Fine as wine flow

Pinot Grigio

Niggas can't f**k with me

Leave the b**ches need the hoes

Life is a motherf**ker gamble Peter Rose

Momma taught me well Kush and the L

Paper everywhere like books just fell

More money to make More p**sy to smell

Like yea imma Libra like put that on a scale

New Orleans ni**a with my dick up in my right hand

Young Money ni**a money longer then a lifespan

Still go to sleep with my Bible on my nightstand

Flyer then a b**ch and you ain't even got cha flight plan

I'm on it I'm on it Tuneche yea SooWoo Soo Woo Trill


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