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Text Message (Explicit)

Busy Signal31 Jul 2015

Text Message (Explicit) Lyrics

Text Message - Busy Signal

Gyal a whatsapp and a send text

Mi see the sms


Mi haffi show interest

Mi a one bwoy nah meck the girl vex


But wa this she nah stop

She a text off the phone

She nah stop

Mi see the plz call me but couldn't call back

Mi deh studio and a voice up a one track


Next thing is a next gyal that wid the texting


She a cuss a chat bay thing


Cyaa get mi from yesterday evening


OMG LOL shi a type bare fkery cah she cyaa spell

Gyal you nuh have spell check DWL

Better you stop text mi phone might as well


Lord god is a next gyal that

Seh she nuh have no credit

But she inna a wifi spot

She cyaa sms only can whatsapp

Kmrt a that mi type back


Mi know mi phone soon freeze

The mount a gyal a text from overseas

UK New York and belize


Up a Canada wid the maple leaves


She send a pum pum selfie


Mi seh lord Jesus help mi


Mi type back ask if it healthy

If she fk mi shi goodly get wealthy

Ha ha ha


Emoji laugh

She waan sit dung inna saddle and bruk it off


Why she got to be so rude


She send mi a photo weh nude


But is a good thing mi nuh licky licky

This yah bwoy naw nam it like food


After 3 AM


She a send mi voice note suh mi play dem


Turn down the phone cause 3 gyal side a mi a sleep

Mi couldn't wake dem


WTF dem fi know mi ah the girls BFF


Anything ah anything

BTW the girls type many thing


Gyal ah ask if mi a go YVA

Mi type back and seh IDK


She seh you probably gone pon tour right

Mi text IKR I know right


See a text from shantel

Mi text back and seh TTYL


Gyal FYI


You nuh haffi send mi no face weh cry


Mi cyaa call right now

And the spot weh mi deh mi cyaa get no wifi


A next gyal text busy how you suh angry

Mi text back seh mi related to rodney

She type SMH

Is like she just member seh wi a one big family


Bare gyal a whatsapp mi

From in a house in a car in a taxi

Mi GPS lock off

That simple mean nobody in a the world cyaa track mi


A gyal send message but mi nuh read it

One tick go through suh mi receive it

Mi know seh she a wait fi si the blue tick

Mi text and seh BRB you a the cutest


Chatter box STFU


KIT when me text you