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Spring, Spring, Spring

Howard Keel12 Jul 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring Lyrics


Spring, Spring, Spring - Howard Keel

Oh the barnyard is busy

In a regular tizzy

And the obvious reason

Is because of the season

My nature's lyrical

With her yearly miracle

Spring spring spring

All the henfolk are hatching

While their men folk are scratching

To ensure the survival

Of each brand new arrival

Each nest is twittering

They're all babysittering

Spring spring spring

It's a beehive of budding son

And daughter life

Every family has plans in view


Even down in the brook

The underwater life

Is forever blowing bubbles too

Every male little mallard

Honks a heart rending ballad

From the stream where he sloshes

In his web foot galoshes

Eager goes brimmingly

We'll get along swimmingly

Spring spring spring


Every field wears a bonnet

With some spring daises down it

Even birds of a feather

Show their clothes off together

Sun's getting shinery

To spotlight the finery

Spring spring spring

From his eyrie the eagle

With his eagle eye

Gazes down across his eagle beak


And a fixing his lady with the legal eye

Screams suppose we set the date this week


Yes siree spring disposes

That it's all one supposes

It's a real bed of roses

Wagging tails rubbing noses


Each day is mother's day

The next is some other's day


Where love is king