Listen to FIND YOUR WINGS song with lyrics from Tyler, The Creator


Tyler, The Creator, Roy Ayers, Sydney Bennett12 Oct 2018


FIND YOUR WINGS (Explicit) - Tyler, The Creator/Roy Ayers/Sydney Bennett

Find your wings supposed to fly

Find your wings

Hey you whatcha doin' and why you runnin'

Supposed to fly and take control cause you're the pilot

You can't swim you're gonna drown the sharks are comin'

The sky's your home there's no limit you know you gotta

Find your wings fly

Find your wings

My lil ni**a the world is yours birdy


We can go down to the rainbows


Don't let your high keep your brain low


You're a bird you're a bird


You're supposed to fly away


The way you stand there stand there

Don't let your wings go to waste go to waste


The sky is your home be free


Be free



Be-be-be free