Listen to Tigger & The Gizzle (Album Version) song with lyrics from Ginuwine

Tigger & The Gizzle (Album Version)

Ginuwine1 Mar 2003

Tigger & The Gizzle (Album Version) Lyrics

Tigger & The Gizzle - Ginuwine


Prepare for mental break down

Take down cat that wanna hate now

Big Tigger and Ginuwine man the shake down

Well whats up with your album

Ain't too muchlonger of a wait now

But believe it gon' be bumpin' from DC to H-town

Y'all wana test

God blessed big tigger bakes clowns

That's why the tryin' to get my icin' and my cake now

Break town told your a** not to wait round

That's the reason why your family pulling up at your wait now

Tigger got a brand new bag full of chedder man

And i'm "On My Way" with "Big Plans" coz i'm a "Bedda Man"

Niggas "Get Ready" coz "Hell Yeah" it's the bachelar

Even though you "Stingy" "In Them Jeans" (i ain't mad at cha)

This "Sex" got me on "Lock Down"

And "I Loved You More" everyday ever since the first time we got down

And in case you can't see i just ran down nine of the twelve songs on the Senior LP